I agree that this “lip service” you describe is symptomatic of the establishment Democrats who…
Steve McGrath

What do they have to lose?

Speaking strictly in strategic terms, if American liberals really wanted to disembowel the GOP, all they need to do, is join it.

In less than half a century liberalism has effectively wrecked the Democratic Party, which for nearly two centuries had been the political machine that ran huge sectors of the country down to the neighborhood level virtually unchallenged.

And now the power-grabbing over-reach of social-justice moronism, exemplified in almost comic style by such blundering maneuvers as trying to nationalize the universities with a memo from an under-secretary (Dear Colleague) and even more laughably believing themselves so unstoppable as to try and outlaw the god-damn ladies’ room in elementary schools? These are moves symptomatic of a deeply delusional mindset, in that realm of madness where megalomania and raw panic are virtually indistinguishable as primary motivators of behavior.

And consequently these liberals and leftists have effectively gutted the old Democrat machine, and left it so much a laughingstock of its own making that it may never recover. If they really want to destroy the GOP, again, all they need to do is sign up for it.

The Democrats were once the conservatives, until the socialists and weirdos and lunatics ran it right onto the rocks like some drunken Captain Hazelwood, just by acting like socialists, weirdos and lunatics long enough for it to catch on. What’s to stop them from working the exact same total destruction on the Republican Party, from the inside?

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