You know, Ron, part of why I get into these back-and-forth-type dialogues is just that I find it…
Traditional Tradesman

Svetlana Voreskova Traditional Tradesman Kady M.

Each of you honored me with a detailed and thoughtful reply, and each of you as usual in doing so upheld the standards you set yourselves for having solid reasons behind why you say what you say. My compliments to each of you in turn. I had indeed offered the rather back-handed compliment of saying you all do it so very well, that it looks like hard work, and had meant it.

And it illustrates as well, by contrast, why my own style versus any of yours, really is just a question of style and not of intellectual validity. Mine is perhaps even a sort of easy way out: I’ve done my share of arguing with fence-posts. I tend to avoid the activity as fruitless and irritating any more, but that’s just me.

In which I exasperatedly call much of web interaction:

a daily worship service to a whole new heathen pantheon of new gods, named Data, Statistics, Logic, Facts, Studies, and Evidence.

So what y’all each do, and do better than I can bothered to do, is present your data, statistics, logic, etc and endeavor to make your case stand on the facts.

Good for you. I mean it.

Myself, what I do here is unabashedly opinionated.

I strive to offer a good opinion, say it is my opinion, and that in my opinion it is a good opinion or at least good enough for me, and that in my opinion you (the gallery) can take your own facts, studies and evidence you select carefully for their backing up your own opinion, and keep them.

If the exchange starts to get rude, personal, vulgar or just seems pointless, there is this red button I absolutely adore using, to uphold each and every one of them who just get on my nerves’ right to keep their opinion, as in out of my face.

And probably a majority of people I block are those with whom I never exchange a syllable, and might not even know I exist before I block them, because experience has told me in rich detail just what “not worth arguing with” looks like. I can spot it coming down the street. There are other ways for me to get where I’m going, than to needlessly encounter and strike sparks with anyone when the inevitable outcome, is that we each had a different opinion on something to begin with.

So my salute to you as a kind of “better you than me” is exactly that. You each have your motives, have stated them superbly, and really: better you, than me.

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