What consistently baffles me is that there is no restriction on who can think himself or herself…
Olatunji Jesutomisin

why can’t black people ever wake up one morning and think to themselves “From today, I’m superior to the white man”.

Ten years a white man in deep-brown New Mexico taught me a whole lot about all this business of racism, minorities and thinking oneself superior. In a medieval realm run openly by a Chicano-Catholic elite as American as asking “red or green?” is, to be a white man and have the naivete to think oneself superior, is simply to volunteer for the job of being the clown in someone else’s circus. One is dismissively referred to as “anglo” for no more than the observation of what language one speaks as a first one, as meanwhile Mexican immigrants legal or otherwise are called “mojados” (“wets” as in “wetbacks”) to their faces, and the large and diverse native populace seen largely as casino operators on the one hand and undeserving welfare beneficiaries on the other.

To be white, in New Mexico, is to be the “minority.” That the dominant Chicano milieu (which self-identifies as “Spanish” as undeniably distinct from “Mexican”) thinks itself superior and acts like it, mostly just goes without saying.

They love the Democratic party in the halls of power of the Land of Enchantment, not for any condescending rhetoric by its East-coast intelligentsia about “the underserved”, but for the facts that the old neighborhood-boss way of running a reliable political machine suits their purposes just fine, and that its welfare state simply produces a bountiful harvest of low-hanging fruit, with every household geared masterfully to applying for and securing whatever of its fruits are there to be gathered.

The State motto might as well be a sentiment I heard again and again, from people who lived on lands owned outright going back to the Spanish vice-royalty, drove brand-new cars and trucks, and lived in exquisite homes with boats and RVs and ATVs and Harleys and classic autos parked in front of them, all paid for by a combination of reliable civil-servant incomes and elaborate shell-game tax dodges:

“Hey, if they’re givin’ it away for free, I’m gonna go get me some.”

A thoroughly Democrat way of life, yes. But anything to do with silly childish idealisms about “social justice”? Guess again.

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