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The rise of white nationalism is the logical result of postmodern left identity politics. It’s the snake eating its own tail.

That sentiment, expostulated ad infinitum in more or less the same words over the past year, illustrates well the “classical liberal” world view in general, and why I decided long ago not to have anything further to do with it.

This is no different from the standard “how you make me feel” slurs thrown between arguing spouses, and translated into careers and small fortunes by the social workers and Surviving-My-Abuser motivationalists of the world, and it is at its core, simply irresponsible.

I am not the outcome of how somebody else feels. My life is not the “logical result” of somebody else’s beliefs nor how they choose to express them. I am certainly no alt-rightist nor white nationalist (whatever those mean this week), but I have seen such shenanigans defended, as well as dismissively explained away, so many times by this rationale, that it is just getting boring to keep seeing it and seeing it and seeing it.

Either one’s life, decisions, politics and actions are the result of how they decided to live, decide, politic or act, or a person is deciding instead to become an object, a unit, a sort of flotsam drifting along on the merciless and indifferent currents of history.

I choose to believe what I believe. I choose to give others the respect of assuming coming in that they have too. Calling anyone no more than the “logical outcome” of something, has its roots in the same heartless and amoral rationalizing that call an unborn baby a “fetus” or an accused man absent evidence or due process having convicted him of anything a “rapist”. It is reducing the human experience to a classroom exercise, and the human beings involved into game-pieces.

Which, taken in sum, is some of the most dangerous and lethal and de-stabilizing of all forms of thought and of politics.

And you don’t even know it. But I do, all too well. And this is not any logical outcome of anyone else’s excesses to blame them on. It is because you have decided to assess the humanity of humanity by these means.

I hope you decide one fine day, not to any more. It really is dangerous.

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