Unlike you, I am just a fool’s plumber.
Steve McGrath

Thanks for the tip on Flareit

The pushies do have a bit of vulnerability:

One, is that even though pex is a marvelous achievement in science and engineering and can be bent into a 90-degree sweep down to a radius of only a few inches, when you use the SharkBites or their equivalents, you do have to make sure that several inches of the pex are in an almost-straight line before entering the fitting. If not, the intersection of pipe and fitting is out of square, and they absolutely WILL leak in that condition.

By contrast, in this sense I almost consider the FlareIts superior and not a substitute at all: they work by the pipe being forced to expand over a flared collar, similar to how the brass industry-grade ones work with their knurling, but instead of a clip or ring like the ones which take the expensive tools to implement the cheaper fittings, these have an actual threaded nut you tighten on with your pliers. Not only is it an armor-plated connection, but almost no matter how much the pipe is curved just beyond the contact with the fitting, this will not affect the integrity of its seal like it will with the pushies.

Another, is that if your cat can knock a FlareIt loose by accident, who you need to call is 911 and maybe the National Guard to come deal with that super-varmint. You might suggest they bring RPGs along. Never mind fixing the pipes, what you need first is to get your family out of that house and safe from that monster.

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