I don’t assume such a thing; I observe it.
Rüdiger Thiede

The rooms where “gender equality” is a thing, are full of elephants:

Okay, then.
When they’re done cracking the tech ceiling, they can move on to get equal numbers of women and men in merchant shipping, highrise construction, waste disposal, commercial fishing, homebuilding, heavy equipment operation, mining, oil drilling, logging, livestock husbandry, powerline maintenance, industrial construction, road- & bridge-building, sewer maintenance, tunneling, wildland fire suppression, railroad operation….
By all indications, the core principle of today’s feminist world view is not equality, but rather: immunity.
Immunity from law, immunity from consequence, immunity from reason or logic or fact, immunity from consistency or coherence of ideas, immunity from the historic record, immunity from etiquette…
…men are so beset and besieged with daily charges of sexism, with continual scrutiny of their every decision and action through a feminist lens, that these kinds of outreach represent an ugly reality of feminist ideology having penetrated far more deeply into the business environment than even I had thought possible…