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The use of different prepositions can change the meaning of a verb entirely: a “discriminating” wine connoisseur is unlikely to be described as discriminating “against” some vintage or “for” another, but rather “between” various wines so as to be attuned with and literate about one’s preferences in the endeavor.

But when it comes to people wishing no more than to get ahead of a legal battle they have no wish to fight “against” anyone or their way of life, it seems to strain the parameters of conservative -bashing (another hobby) to consider that what the business here is wanting to uphold, in advance of any bad feeling or customers turned away via their own beliefs, is their right to discriminate between whom they will do business with and whom they don’t wish to. There is no “hate” here, no “bigotry”, no failure of “diversity.” I daresay, when held against the vicious invective aimed with immunity toward people for being cisgendered heterosexual monogamists these days, I wonder just how the standard is set regarding what is or is not hate, and whether to discriminate is to distinguish between and make choices accordingly, or to exercise power for or against and demand compliance accordingly.

I’d say that recent developments in transgender policies illustrate well how “to discriminate against” really works: a minuscule or in many cases nonexistent minority demands discretionary authority to walk into a secure facility designated by sex, contingent only on how they feel about themselves instead of what actual sex they are. And this is not seen as “discriminating against” everyone else who expects the right to go into the ladies’ room and have it be exclusively used by, you know, actual women?

In the case above, the business isn’t even reacting to any claim that their or anyone else’s rights have been denied, only a foreseen contingency that they might be. And here come the charges of “discrimination against.” And yet, witness the precise same reasoning about opening restrooms to transgenders, just in case one or two come around and need to pee someday, and no one calls this discrimination against everyone else.

This logic of anything-butness that openly and continually discriminates against any form of established or precedented folkways and mores, in favor of their alternatives, by any and all means available, is writ large in the headline here, and bespeaks a kind of discriminating-against being done that those who indulge in and promote it would do well to examine in their own thinking, before carrying out all-out assaults on basically ordinary people and their ways and then accusing them of being the ones doing the hating.

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