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There simply is no excuse for farcebook: its existence, its vast wealth and influence, its presence as a useless and destructive addiction for a vast swath of humanity. None. Nor is there any for using it. For anything. Ever.

Never in my life have I witnessed such dependency on something so stupid and so obviously meant to exert mass behavioral control by a very few with an undisguised agenda of hegemony. People who in one breath will criticize this policy or that action by the company, will in the next breath get all red-faced defending their own compulsion to it, as if it were a natural resource, civil right or public utility.

It is none of those things: it is a gargantuan for-profit company and nothing else. It serves no beneficial purpose, meets no genuine human need, and in no stretch of the imagination is it in any way “essential.”

WHY are the bovine masses not only allowing, but in collusion with, these dangerous people’s unapologetic drive to monopolize not only all human communication, but all human activity? Don’t believe me? Think I’m over-reacting? Just keep on encouraging and enabling these yuppies drunk on the power you hand them daily, and see what they do with it, and to you.

I’m proud to say I never was any part of this vicious scheme by hackers, profiteers and political opportunists, and never, EVER will be.