New Parent Education Requirements in Divorce Cases
Lynch & Owens

They have those in New Mexico, or at least the Santa Fe courts require them. As bureaucratic hoop-jumping goes, this is a great idea for the public sector, so it can duly posit that it has done everything possible, etc, etc.

As real-world outcomes go, this is an income machine for the contractors and consultants who give the classes, properly going through their state-sanctioned curricula with as much sincerity and commitment as government contractors usually put in, which is little to none.

And for mothers already planning to alienate their children from their dads as soon as it becomes expedient to do so, this is just another token exercise for them, and makes not a shred of difference to their intentions.

When it comes to a place where paid contractors are laughing all the way to the bank for pretending to teach parents how to be parents, the damage has already been more than done. Typical of legislative initiatives for the sake of selling an appearance of social concern, nobody on government payroll will ever acknowledge this most obvious quality of pretty much any official attempt to intervene in private life.

Most in the industries will tell you privately, that it is an exercise in futility. And they would know. They’ve been paying their bills and supporting their lifestyles by taking part in things that don’t work, all along.

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