I don’t at all agree it’s a certainty that 50% of Trump’s supporters are ‘bigoted’.
Paul Frantizek

their constant charge of ‘racism’ is simply a cheap appeal to hate

This is a powerful, and much-neglected point. This whole business of charging ”hate” at every turn has become a cheap substitute for, and saboteur of, genuine dialogue, and I have watched it make its way into the liberal narrative for decades now.

It seemed to pick up steam back before many of today’s young adults were even born, when an obscure figure name of Dan Quayle, once Vice-president of the United States, made some remarks about the content of a TV sitcom called Murphy Brown, during an era when bumper stickers and op-eds in college newspapers occupied the space for public discourse now taken up by social media and the blogosphere.

I don’t remember exactly what his remarks were but he used the term “family values” in describing whatever his departure from the show’s content was. Overnight, literally, bumper stickers and T-shirts began to emerge bearing the slogan HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE, and the war of ridicule that has not stopped since then began in earnest.

Since those times in the now-all-but-forgotten ancient history of the late 20th century, the terms “hate” and “family values” both have been used as everyday slurs against anything remotely resembling a conservative viewpoint, with the intent generally being that the charge is unanswerable and irredeemable. As you point out, few things are more hateful and hate-inspiring, than these equivalents of today’s “STFU” as an entry point into a conversation that is over before it ever begins, by intent.

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