You’re right and you’re wrong.
Alix Kast

Go out and poke holes in their bubble.

This is so very naive. By obsessing on your distaste for one man, and summing up as “Trump supporters” the entirety of Americans who see right through the bubble of racketeering that is liberalism, you only reveal your own urbane insularity.

You license yourself to assume that it is “ignorance” to wish to live in a nation which is made of self-governing communities rather than one driven into anarchy by social engineering and its resulting rise of endless mafias who thrive on unearned program funding from an ignorant and blundering national regime.

You entirely decline to recognize that there are actual adults out here who have seen more than enough of the absolute contrast between how the liberal agenda is advertised, and how it is administered once the budgets are approved and the funds distributed.

You think you can use the passive-aggressive manipulation tactics of an adolescent or a pickup artist, to talk your way past the raw facts that socialism just doesn’t work particularly well, with people who know better.

You put your own campus-brainwashed wishful thinking in charge of that part of your brain where common sense is supposed to dwell, and deceive yourself into believing that you can deceive the rest of us, who have seen more than enough of what really gets done with all that free money, handed out by owned and operated politicians who sign idealistic-sounding bills and programs into law to protect their own status and cover their own bought-and-paid-for asses.

You actually think, don’t you, that standing up against ignorant, corrupt, duplicitous, top-heavy, profiteering liberalism, has something to do with (what was his name again?) Donald Trump, don’t you?

My God, you have a lot to learn, about people.

Something leaves me doubting, though, that you ever will.