This response is for Jade.
Jhagi Bhai

Women should exercise discretion when it comes to sex and planning families.

This statement, indeed the entire post, is a quintessential illustration of what a preposterous claim is “white male privilege.” If ANYONE who could not disclaim their very identity with something having to do with “women and minorities” were to say such things, it becomes the stuff of marches and little knitted hats and trending blogospheric clickbaity meltdowns.

I happen to agree with every bit of it, but anyone white and male already knows that aside from any question of privilege, the very right itself of plain-spokenness and an open contribution of ideas, known otherwise as “freedom of speech”, has been so thoroughly targeted for so long and to such a widespread extent, that to express oneself freely on anything even remotely controversial will be treated immediately and histrionically as in itself a crime against humanity.

I once heard a story of a white man, who was overheard in private conversation discussing with one other person the behavior of a very small and unrepresentative archetype of women, how these few tended to react quite voluntarily and consensually toward a man who happened to be wealthy and successful, throwing themselves at him so freely that he might even take the fully-granted liberty of…. you know the rest.

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