What would Carrie Mathison do?

Truth be told, it was the Carrie character that have me give up on the series altogether. It had a lot going for it, in terms of casting and intrigue and the unexpected, but having to continually see that saucer-eyed, stressed-out, off-the-deep-end expression which really just amounted for me to plain old over-acting on Danes’ part, just got tiresome and eventually unendurable.

Maybe she was bi-polar. Whatever. I just took her as self-obsessed, lacking in common sense and self-preservation skills to an extreme degree, and something of a spoiled brat. Turning it all into the Claire Danes Show or the This Week in Self-Destructive Civil Servants Hour, after a while just made the thing unwatchable. If the point of living with mental illness is to learn to cope, this Carrie would be the last person I’d look to as a role model for how to do that. Maybe a role model for how not to, at best. And that just gets boring.

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