Now, I’ve Met Some Idiots In My Time, But Seriously!?
btg dad

Try having Ms Clown for your own attorney sometime.

But here’s a key point:

she knows absolutely nothing about parental alienation

Don’t kid yourself. She knows. She has been trained to handle a man like you in exactly the way she has. Her training tells you that the mere mention of the term, all by itself, proves that you are an abuser. Her professional duty as she sees it, is to interpret any and all attempts by you to be re-united with your children, as an abusive father trying to use fancy terminology to regain access to them so you may resume the abuses she simply assumes are the reason you have been cut off from them. And, to regard your very persistence in the matter as a continuing stream of evidence that her assessment of you is the correct one.

The entire structure of policies and training materials that anyone associated with the care of children is subject to and their career viability depends on day to day, is one which is set up to regard your very existence as all the proof that is required that what they are doing is seeking to protect your children from you. Any given individual you encounter may or may not believe you or sympathize with your cause, but no one of them dares risk the professional consequences they will certainly face if they are observed as doing anything to make them look supportive of you.

And they are not stupid, nor are they ignorant.

They are terrified.

You have looked into the face of Denunciation Culture, and seen its own internal terror, masked as concern or professional judgment or the best interests of your children. And behind the mask is that raw fear which makes any culture of denunciation possible: the fear of being labelled in a witch-hunt, as in league with the witches.

They will lie to your face, they will promise to forward your requests and messages, they will play dumb like seventh-graders, they will lure you in with little “between you and me” asides while looking around to see who might overhear…. all of it is meaningless. What they are doing, and you will see this again and again and again, is looking out for themselves and seeing to it that nothing they say or do regarding you places their career at risk.

One does not speak frankly to an “abuser.” (That’s your part in the script.) One does not trouble one’s conscience over whether one has spoken truthfully to him. One does not make the least effort to see his side of things or to respond accordingly. What one does, is whatever it takes to get him out of one’s office and hopefully pass him on to some other official to deal with him, having seen to it first that one’s own record shows plainly that one has done nothing to be construed as being in league with the witches.

They are not scared of you, nor genuinely concerned over anything you might do to your kids. They don’t give a rat’s ass about your children. They are scared of each other, because that is how denunciation culture works.

In another five years’ time you will have had so many encounters scripted precisely like this one, that you will be wanting to mock them by finishing their sentences for them, because you will know their script by then better than they do.

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