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Typical idle liberal non-reasoning: when you don’t approve of how something is being done, turn it over to government.

And no, the internet is not “obligatory.” It is a luxury item. No one has to use it, no one truly requires it in order to survive, no one really needs it. It is a gimmick. Yes, a universally-popular one, one which has been allowed quite voluntarily by mass numbers of subscribers to it to become a thing they consider central to their way of life, but no part of it is necessary.

Food, is obligatory. Would these fat-and-happy armchair social engineers such as the ones who fill out the continual stream of lazy middle-class pseudo-leftist propaganda polluting the internet, such as continually exemplified by Pacific Standard, prefer that every local grocery store and farmers’ market and even backyard garden, be owned and operated by the public sector? No doubt, many of its clean-handed, well-heeled, urban-dwelling, tool-illiterate, never-worked-a-day-in-their-life contributors would say in their sophomoric world-changing pseudoscientific way, that they should.

But y’all aren’t in charge. Since 11/08/16, when the message went out in hundreds of elections all over the United States that you and your silliness about entrusting all of human life to a massive and blunderingly stupid bureaucratic machine had been dismissed from service for cause, thank God, your way of doing things has been thoroughly discredited on a mass scale.

And none too soon, by the look of how badly and immaturely you have reacted to the outcome.

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