The Origins of American Democratic Fascism
War Is Boring

UTTERLY TYPICAL left-wing pseudo-intellectual blather.

Using the most simplistic arithmetic of

“democracy as what we say it is” + “fascism as what we say it is”

= “democratic fascism” = “Trump” (golly, who knew?),

you go on and do all the things you say we have been warned about:

rewrite the language itself;

highlight the useful interpretations of history while omitting the inconvenient ones;

insinuate continually that (more arithmetic) “majority” = “right-wing” = “fascism” = (once again) “Trump”;

utterly exonerate the gratuitously lawless rule by the former administration and the domestic terror of its disgruntled fans since its expiration date;

blithely and conveniently bypass the routine outrages of abused power which bore directly on everyday lives (often enough under the title “Dear Colleague”) throughout that late regime’s tenure…

You have made up your own reality, explained in Newspeak to us how it is indeed the one and only reality, conflated anything not associated with your clear preferences regarding the election’s outcome with a kind of fascism you have just now invented and insisted it to be the genuine article, and gone on and on and endlessly on with a lot of verbose hot air and some disturbing photos, with the clear aim of telling a select (and pre-sympathetic) audience precisely what your filter bubbles inform you it wants to hear.

A masterpiece, of neo-fascist propaganda. Congratulations.

&BTW, if ever there were a truly fascist regime in the US, it was the corporate elite and security state and the Pentagon taking the US to war in Vietnam.

And it had precious little to do with any democracy; disposing of leaders of both parties at will, inciting domestic unrest continuously, and all the while profiting enormously on a project of extended nuclear-age brinkmanship re-worked into a “conventional war” without objectives, coherent strategy to achieve them or indeed any legitimate reason for it to be taking place at all.

America was indeed, arguably, ruled by a fascist cartel as anti-constitutional and anti-democratic as everything you describe here, all through the 1960s and beyond. To act as if, today, this incoming president and leadership somehow magically waved this so-called “democratic fascism” into existence overnight, is mere wishful thinking on your part.

Because the motive of today’s liberal left no longer has anything to do with solving or changing anything, but with indulging yourselves nonstop in Sixties Re-enactment and Holocaust Envy for the pure moronic sport of it.

And you are clearly having the time of your lives going at it.

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