My name’s Meryl, but thank you for really showcasing your reading comprehension skills.
Meryl Chambers

There is no legal medical procedure where the government forces men to have counseling and a waiting period for.

Well, actually, there are legal procedures (which admittedly require no medical credential on the part of those recommending them) where a man must undergo both counseling and waiting periods: when he is seeking to be an active parent to his children and their mother has decided she would rather they go without a father.

All an “expert witness” for a petitioner in such a case has to do, is throw out a few fancy terms like “narcissistic tendencies”, “potential for abuse” or “concerning behavior” to a judge, and like magic a man is transformed in that court’s eyes to the civil equivalent of a mental inmate. His every action, expression and decision become subject to interpretation for the court by proxy on the part of social workers and early-childhood-education specialists. Not only might he and his children suffer the consequence that they no longer be allowed to pursue a relationship as members of the same family, but also by means of the resulting and near-inevitable orders and restrictions placed on his conduct, potentially every breath he breathes might see him prosecuted on criminal charges for violating court orders * no man could possibly comply with in full to begin with.

In these situations, not only is the mother’s role with her children, not as their parent but as their owner, reinforced (that power granted mothers to begin with by the legal privilege of killing them before birth if she prefers); but also the role of the man then becomes that he is answerable primarily (and potentially in perpetuity) to the state, whether he ever is allowed by it to function as a parent or not.

But no, actual medical knowledge or license has nothing to do with any of this. It can all be set in motion, only beginning with mandatory counseling but rarely ending there, for the asking, by a mother who has decided to terminate her children’s father, having not after all terminated the children themselves.

*Highly recommend that you read “Criminal Law Comes Home” by Harvard Law’s Jeannie Suk JD. An avowed feminist herself, and enthusiastic supporter of the Violence Against Women Act, here she nonetheless takes a merciless and open-eyed look at the actual results in men’s lives of an excessive and gratuitous use of court orders in doing PRECISELY to men what you imply only happens to women at the hands of the law.