So you are an anti-feminist then:-)))
Svetlana Voreskova

Well, given the word-count of our shared cyber-history, Lana, you know better than anyone just how much I have wanted and tried to turn away from feminism as anything worth agonizing over. You know from what I have told you, and this is a lot in itself, that in my own daily life I enjoy as total a lack of feminist influences on the people around me and the life of a community as anyone male or female could ever hope for or dream of.

And frankly, I have become possibly more informed in detail on the bio and the personage of this Mrs Clinton, than anyone around me that I know. For my neighbors and acquaintances the Question of Hilary has been long since settled, in a setting where the word “Obama” itself has been considered a vulgar intrusion on polite conversation for some time now.

I don’t know anyone who is all that excited about Donald Trump or a Trump White House. If one of these rallies of his were held in Guymon, Oklahoma or Garden City, Kansas or Clayton, New Mexico, I doubt very much more than a few people would attend. Folks in a decidedly conservative part of the country don’t get all that excited about one more cult of personality. At the moment there is corn to harvest, and a way of life well-established that never stops making demands of us or giving us much pause to indulge ourselves in passionate public politicking.

But I also know, that if this Hilary wins, and feminism is only one of the forms of madness that will seek to become the final authority on many, many things if she does, it won’t be anything anyone around here would be wise to go celebrating nor bragging they had voted for her. If they do, everyone without exception already respects their right to do so. But the word to the wise has long since been, that votes for liberals or for those pretending to be that (which is most liberals) are tantamount to treason, and one ought to keep that to oneself.

The fury waiting to be unleashed on a model for federal governance that has been essentially a policy of treason for generations, out here in the breadbasket of deplorablism, is incalculable. No one wants to unleash it. There are crops to see to and cattle to feed and kids to raise. No one in genuine conservatism wants to be an insurrectionist. But the consensus has long since been, that liberalism itself, and in the person of Hilary writ large, is insurrection. And a lot of folks will find out, or God willing never have to, just exactly where that breaking point is.

I have a very scary feeling, though where I live is as secure for me in my values as anywhere in the USA could be, that we are fast approaching that point. There won’t be any Mason-Dixon line: we’ll never have such a well-defined set of parameters again for setting ourselves against each other. The lines will be everywhere, and crossing them will be an exercise in necessity combined with unknown dangers, for everyone.

The more I find out about this Hilary, the more near-certain I am, that this nation will not capitulate as a whole to her delusional, duplicitous and very, very dangerous maneuvering. I don’t know what the alternative will be, but I do know it won’t be just more politics.

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