I see free enterprise concerned with the transactions side of things, while it’s cousin capitalism…
Ryder Spearmann

capitalism still does its primary function well

Well, if you say so, brother….

Just for clarity’s sake, I generally don’t indulge in argument based on one system’s relative merits versus another’s, nor do I posture as any policy analyst nor proposer of better policy according to me. Capitalism is what capitalism is, and my critiquing it or having my own views on it does not a communist make. On that, mostly I see communism as capitalism by other means, and hardly when implemented as policy, pretending otherwise. Communism poses “the people” as a sort of aggregate market player, or corporation if you will, and uses dense and nonsensical sloganeering to disguise the building of monopolies and super-conglomerates to make any capitalist writhe in envy.

What was a Gazprom or an Aeroflot under Soviet rule, for instance, but just another Mobil or United Airlines: enriching the very few, replete with boards and senior executives and shareholders and their kids in the best schools, elitism at its finest, just all in the name of “the people”? So you won’t hear me crying out for anything like communism or even its posturing impostor of a knockoff “social democracy”, just because I have the sense God gave geese to see capitalism as the gravest threat to free enterprise.

What I am, is a survivor. I survive and endure and even in my way thrive, under capitalism (of a sort) because it exists. I can’t wish it away by shouting slogans and throwing bricks and no-platforming gay Englishmen who pretend to know what is best for America.

And I even use a bank (gasp). My little local bank, owned by a cattle operation, makes a great check-cashing service and affords me a free ATM and debit card which allows me to order stuff online and pay a bill or two. The fact that it has made like thirty dollars in fees off me in eight years, doesn’t seem to bother it. (And I am SO smitten with the little gal at the driveup, was with the one before her too…)

Again, just being clear: yes I criticize capitalism, and yes free enterprise is my one-man revolution under its extensive radar, and no I don’t want anything like communism because communists are the very worst sort of capitalists and might cause my one-man free-enterprise insurgency even more trouble.

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