She’s done absolutely no harm to me personally, and I have no need to cower in fear of her by…
Traditional Tradesman

Personally, if I were operating Medium, I’d also have a strict “no profanity” policy in order to keep discussions more civil and avoid encouraging this kind of junior-high-school level free-for-all, but that’s just me.

Well, I’m not personally operating Medium either, but I am personally grateful that fifty years after the fact I can still study from the source where the term “off the pig” came from, as opposed to never having even been aware that anyone had said it because they got stopped from saying it out of some presumption of elevated unilateral sensibilities.

We already have today our SPLCs and “bias response teams” slithering across the land looking for what they would rather not let anyone hear, and in Canada one can even be subpoenaed by force of law to appear before a “social justice tribunal” for being found “offensive” by one accusing party, so I really wonder if such a path is one you truly want to follow.

(And I doubt too many police officers are all that worried about what some mouth-foaming race-baiter is foaming at the mouth about, if you’re worried about what threats they see coming. For that matter, I wonder how you’d have them see them coming at all.)

I’ll just let the “cowering in fear” remark slide, as beneath you.

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