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A journalist needs to engage in robust exchanges with those with different, unconventional and completely opposing views.

Well said, all of it, but no further point in piling on: the lady, who began by saying she meant to try and wake me up, just blocked me forthwith after my follow-up remarks. I appreciated that, as it was only the second time that I know of that anyone on Medium has blocked me, though I have repeatedly held out an open invitation to do so if anyone finds my views intolerable.

We were talking about respect for strangers the other day, and this is an example of what I was talking about: there have been so many people on Medium (and going back a few years, on LinkedIn and Twitter and Harvard Business Review and alas, even our once-beloved Antimisandry) whose posts I find simply preposterous and whose ideas I see as too stupid even to argue with, that purely out of respect for them I block them, rather than engage in the ridiculing of them one can see at a glance they have coming but isn’t any duty or wish of mine to over-indulge in.

The lady did me a favor.

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