Umm…I’m one of those black people.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

If you have to convince people you are a no nonsense, straight shooting lawyer or convince your students that you are indeed their teacher, it may not be your fault but something is already wrong.

Well, the men-are-dogs rationale holds up in at least the one way, that when someone is so tenuously unsure of themselves as to pose a potential risk to me, yes, I can as much as smell it.

I had female teachers all through school, and by minute ten on day one, any boy in the room knew the difference between a formidable, powerhouse, not-to-be-trifled-with lady up there, and a tentative, weak, hesitating ungrown little girl trying to do a grown woman’s job. The difference was staggering. And we always hated dealing with the weaklings, who seemed to emerge from the uni’s more and more as the Friedanesque-Steinemite- Caldicottese rules of engagement became more and more the norms governing intersex relations throughout the seventies and beyond.

The strong ones? The ones who came to work in dour grey tailored suits with knee-length skirts and nondescript coiffures and not a trace of sexual-tease nonsense about their personas as professional educators? Their classes may have been the toughest ones on campus to get good grades in in terms of effort made, but a guy always knew he could get them, by just earning them, and knew where he stood.

I can’t stand being around weak and thereby tyrannical women, offended by everything and croaking “what did you just say?” to anything even remotely resembling a commentary on the differences between the sexes. Not just because they annoy and bore the living shit out of me, but because they are dangerous. Informants and crybabies always are.

Ask any wilderness guide or emergency services professional, who is the most high-risk player in any crucial scene, and it is always the whiners, the offense-takers, the intoners of nonstop “oh please”s, of either sex. But such behaviors not even befitting a well-raised eight-year-old seem to be taught and rewarded and enabled among legions of young women and have been for decades now. And all it does, is make them a danger to themselves and everyone else.

If that code of conduct more suited to a paid snitch or a spoiled brat is what passes as “empowerment”, I just hope that the women of every generation who continue to see it as the narcissism it is, will keep emerging in history to help save all of us from this other model of toxic femaleness which is basically just a reprehensible liability to all civilization.

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