SCOTUS delivers win for religious liberty but punts on school choice
Frederick M. Hess


ANY religion being funded by ANY agency of ANY government is just a flat sellout. This is one of those where the rightness or wrongness of how somebody went about a thing that was so unbelievably wrong to even happen at all, really just doesn’t register with me.

We have a First Amendment, not only to keep government from becoming religious, but (wait for it….)

to keep religion from being beholden to government.


I have ZERO use for any church or church-owned anything doing business with the regime in any fashion, whether taking its money or agreeing to have some slave’s-code “tax ID number” to operate at all.

Say it slowly, and try to grasp the meaning:

no law respecting an establishment of religion,

or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

To anyone with a sixth-grade or better level of reading comprehension, this means government does its thing (whatever that is…) and religion does its thing (you guessed it….) AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET.

It’s not hard to comprehend, this business of religious freedom:

Okay, Religion, you just stay the hell away from government.

And Government, you stay the hell away from religion.

Taking the regime’s money and then quibbling over the terms?


How did we get here?????????

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