You just described how a bipolar episode looks. Good job!
Kari Ann

What I know about this alleged “bi-polar” condition comes primarily from people who write about it continually. All the testimonials have the same things in common: they have been treated, unsuccessfully, for it all their lives and still have it; and they seem to have this bizarre pride in the tone they take when insisting that they have a right to see themselves as legitimately mentally ill.

Meanwhile, if acting like a self-obsessed spoiled brat is what you call an “episode”, what I remember about acting like a self-obsessed spoiled brat growing up, was having people who loved me enough to tell me to knock it the hell off or face the consequences.

I’m thinking, gee whiz, if all that confinement and outpatient therapy and drug prescriptions or crystal-gazing or meditation or whatever-the-hell haven’t ever cured anyone, maybe people who love them telling them to stop acting like self-obsessed spoiled brats, instead of encouraging and enabling them in seeing themselves as ill instead of their just being childish, would.

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