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When I see the sort of propaganda being produced by people who obviously want no such thing as any real revolution because that would take away their giddy hobby of continually whining about “asymmetrical power structures” (as if there had ever been any other kind, or what….?), what I envision, is some stone-cold political prison citadel with a big sign in its exercise yard saying “QUEUE FOR FIRING SQUAD”, with all the former agitators and propagandists and organizers and campus-leftists waiting dutifully and obediently in line, to be slaughtered by the very regime they just finished helping get itself exactly where it wanted to be:

Exercising asymmetrical power.

Like every regime under any ideological banner ever did, as asymmetrically and as brutally and as efficiently as it can manage.

No one is more stupid, naive and irresponsible with their own future or anyone else’s, than play-acting fake revolutionaries who never take a single thought to what might actually be set in motion if their side gets its way.