The Denial of Depression
PnP Dad

Which is worse: to “deny depression” by, I’m thinking, trying not to be depressed; or to enable depression, by tacking on a lot of scholarly-sounding psychobabble to explain oneself away from doing what needs to be done, which is to stop feeling sorry for yourself?

Yeah sure. I know about depression. I’ve been depressed. I’ve wallowed in it, reveled in it, excused all manner of self-neglect and bad behavior by it. Sure, I had my reasons, and damned if they weren’t good ones. Lost my kids: check. Family scattered all over god-damn creation like some middle-class diaspora: check. Never seem to meet the right woman, ever: check. World going berserk all around me: check.


The cure, the only cure, the cure that works and the cure that sticks?


That’s it. It really is that simple. All this blather about “symptoms” this, and “clinical” that? Just a lot of promotional bullshit intended to get you believing you have to pay somebody and poison yourself with pharmaceuticals, when what you need to get off your emotional ass and do, is, yes:

stop feeling sorry for yourself.

No doctor under whatever shingle of charlatanry hangs outside their door is EVER going to tell you that. That would blow the scam. You might not come back for more “treatment.” How would they pay for their next vay-cay without your money in their pocket?

stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Naturally, you’ll have to be true to your professional training and all its doctrines, you’ll have to posture as if you assume that what is going on with you is some “condition.” After all, it’s right there in the Scripture — — errr, I meant, the “DSM”, to rationalize away one’s grip on oneself and one’s autonomous capacity to set one’s emotional state for oneself; so you’ll have to go through the ineffectual agony of trying all the clinical hoop-jumping, until

one fine day

you just



stop feeling sorry for yourself.

All that shit isn’t going to go away. It isn’t your mission to make it go away.

Just to live, with WHAT IS

and you will find that utterly impossible, until you

(wait for it…..)







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