I’m halfway through my first cup of coffee, so I hope this makes sense.
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I’m not articulate enough to debate such topics

With that I must heartily disagree. You are more than articulate enough, and I daresay I don’t do dialogue with just anybody. I am actually very selective on whom I will write back to and whom not.

This clunky software here has me now locked out of my own block list (?), but I wager I have blocked more authors than I have followed here. Many of these, I hardly read at all before pulling the STFU lever on them. Everybody online scans and skims and speed-reads, and I consider it one of the necessary tools of the activity.

I have learned to look for standard ideological cues in what people write, and they are not at all hard to spot. When anyone shows themselves to be nothing but a mouthpiece of boilerplate agitprop, it’s not even a question of whether they are “worth arguing with”: I’d as soon not have my everyday sensory input polluted with the knowledge that they even exist.

One of the throwaways people have used all my life that truly grates on me and always has, is this pretentious fiction of being “open-minded” while trying to fill mine with indefensible toxic waste. Another is people who self-righteously denounce “judgment” while showing themselves to have judged everything and everyone into off-the-shelf boxes of judgment long since.

There are many other such red flags I can spot with little to no effort, and mostly the ones who run them up just plain bore me. There are reasons why you have made it on to my (very) short list of people to engage, and your being inarticulate is certainly NOT anything you need indict yourself with.

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