Hating on Hillary: What the Left Really Wants
Susan Brassfield Cogan

Yawn. Once I had read page 34 of the case file on Arkansas v Taylor 1975, one of the most terrifying documentations of naked, cynical, amoral, grasping opportunism by any means necessary I have ever seen, it was a done deal for me: that monster just has to be stopped.

And stopped, she was. What her shoulda-woulda-coulda-mighta amounts to now, as anything substituting as a legacy of one of the most staggeringly inept careers in the history of public service might look like in a Berniecrats’ lavishly fantastic imagination, is so moot a point I almost didn’t even bother to point that out here.

And I already know, that our author here will re-work everything I just typed into some neanderthal vision of what she needs the reality of conservatism to be (and point of order: I can’t stand Ayn Rand, other than We the Living, and only because it is a passable piece of post-Revolutionary Russian fiction that makes a few defensible points, as opposed to Atlas Shrugged which I found bombastic, self-absorbed and absurd…)

But the stopping of Hillary, dead on the tracks of what she just obsessively assumed was an express train all her own into this First Woman President caricature, may well be the most crucial turning point in my lifetime of American history since the Cuban affair of 1962. And just as high were the stakes, and just as close did we come to absolute calamity, in either instance.

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