Kady M.

That’s rare, of course, even among transgendered minors.

Yes of course.

My larger point being, that an exercise in aggressive ambiguities such as this sudden opportunistic promotion of an extremely rare happenstance has been “pffft”ed into, just as rarely merits being described as “unambiguous.”

As I posted elsewhere and continue to maintain, the true issue worthy of any discussion at all, is not how any person feels about what sex they are, but a President assigning himself the power to abolish the ladies’ room.

I also continue to be astonished at the credit the topic of transgender people, unambiguous or otherwise, continues to receive as even worth talking about, while the vast Tenth Amendment and executive authority implications the matter reveals continue not to be a topic at all.

Isn’t it obvious, unambiguous even: if a president can with a stroke of a pen abolish the safest of safe spaces for women and allow men to use them based on how they “identify”, what else might that president think he has the power to do?

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