I don’t think so, as capitalism is the default human condition.
Ryder Spearmann

Capitalism is described and defended through a philosophical system of belief… namely that you own you and you therefore own the product of your time and effort.

Yet another person making the crucial error of equating “capitalism” with capitalism’s very worst enemy: “free enterprise.” The two are not only NOT mutually inclusive, but it is easily-observed that one of capitalisms’s main aims and primary achievements, is to prohibit and if possible destroy free enterprise, and by any of the endless means capitalism has to do so.

How can anyone say that simple exchanges, or the notion of a prerogative of possessing one’s own productive output, has anything even remotely to do with capitalism? To assert thus, is to conveniently omit the very defining force of capitalism which stands resolutely between the producer and their being at liberty to profit: CAPITAL.

Free enterprise, which is what you describe while calling it “capitalism”, is not dependent on capital. It is the exchange of goods and services not in fixed and regimented marketplaces controlled by capital, but simply by mutual consent.

Capitalism seeks not willing buyers and willing sellers to treat them as equal contributors to a process of trade, but conglomerate sellers and subservient buyers, whose activities are not based on their willingness at all, but on their indebtedness, to repay the capital that makes it even possible to be under the illusion that they possess anything at all. Capitalism’s servants don’t even own their homes, their automobiles, their businesses, their educations nor quite often even the clothes on their backs. Capital does.

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