President Trump will just direct a few spicy tweets their way if they get too far out of line.
Steve McGrath

You do have a point. Myself, I tend to see this business of what it is to be “conservative” from a vantage point that the President His Ownself knows nothing whatsoever about: people who actually work for a living and would rather keep what they have earned.

And no, not the even the effete and bombastic Mister Buckley knew a lot about that sort of folks.

I take the prospect of a Trump downfall as no great loss. From the beginning of his candidacy I saw him as so full of himself as to be simply vulnerable to being played. Perhaps I underestimate him, and indeed he seems to have made his way by the art of knowing how to take his own advantage of being underestimated. As politicians who know how to entertain go, he does make Ronald Reagan look like an amateur.

But as for this Russia affair, the entire business looks so very much like Russian counter-intelligence strategy has looked for a century: confuse, obfuscate, bewilder, give an opponent so many different angles to examine and so many potential intentions to try and react to as to leave them utterly incapable of doing anything but dividing into endless internecine camps over what in the world they must really be up to. If Trump is a master at blackjack because he can count the cards, Russian strategy meanwhile is like those savants who can manage ten chess games at a time with hardly a glance at the boards. Everything I see here tells me that as always in dealing with Russian statesmanship and global strategy, American attempts to keep pace with it are not even in the game.

Russia simply has little to lose and everything to gain, from playing any DC regime against itself the way it always has. It is just a naive by-product of typical Yank straightforwardness, to assume that what a Russian leadership appears to want or prefer or be after, has anything even remotely to do with what their real intentions may be. And a Hillary administration would have been just as vulnerable to this sort of dense and unreadable machinations, as indicated by the incalculable blockheaded stupidity of her closest advisers such as Podesta or Abedin.

And so would a Pence camp for that matter. He just seems a lot more like the sort of fellow a person could sit and have coffee and talk about the harvest with, than either Trump or Hillary ever did. He presents himself as much more what he says he is, a plain old conservative, than either of those two ever were: Hillary was never any social-justice feminist, and Trump is certainly no conservative and never was.

So Trump-out/Pence-in, looks to me like a pretty tolerable outcome, and I daresay a whole lot of working Republicans who you’d have to catch and sedate to get a suit and tie on them, probably feel the same.

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