So: because of a political desire and political theories, you are advocating a change to a…
Progressive Reformation

You know, Progressive Reformation, I was so irritated by that article that I almost started working on a reply which would have read much like yours, political wishful thinking and all that. But then I checked its author’s profile and found that dead-giveaway of a professional approval-seeker, which is a number followed by a “K” where it says “followers.”

Never mind. She made it easy, and just got signed up for the least exclusive club on Medium, of People Blocked By Ron. Nothing personal, I was not “offended” as much as bored by her nakedly PC schtick.

Knowing that practitioners like her fill the Halls of Indoctrination where the suffering masses go to have it confirmed for them that their self-pity and self-enforced cognitive dissonance over the conundrum of ideology-vs-reality actually amount in sum to this new fashion craze called “mental illness”, doesn’t offend me any more than knowing that places like Berserkeley and Boulder and Madison and Portland exist. I can’t make her, or the leafy-comfy college towns that breed that sort of mindset, go away, but I don’t have to go there, either.

It really is bizarre, to see how many people of a liberal/leftist ideological slant, will also as much as come out and admit that they are barking-mad, that they can’t get through a day without meds or therapy, that they have these endless lists of things that strain their coping skills beyond capacity; and yet, how often does it occur to any of them, that what they think they believe, and how they interpret reality, is basically self-assigned insanity, that the source of the “illness” is a politicized refusal to look for a cure within their own lives?

I read your intense and lengthy testimonial the other day about being a once-and-former leftist yourself. I was never quite that high-visibility about it, but I did for the longest time think of myself as someone whose “anti-establishment” leanings just naturally put me in league with the left side of the aisle, so to speak.

Honestly, the cure had been a long time in the making, beginning with the kangaroo-court farces I went through over trying to re-apply for the job of parenting my own children. But I think that the entire conduct of the Hillary Clinton campaign and even more so its aftermath, finally set it in stone for me:

these people are out of their god-damned minds, because they like it that way.

Approval-addiction was never better served, than by leftist quack pseudo-clinicians using their resources to preach crazy instead of cure it.

And I just knew already that this would be all I had to say to the lady, and that she would come back with some pop-psycho slogans about “work on your issues”, and frankly, I just don’t want to hear it.

Psychologist, heal thyself, is what I have to say to those people. It’d be a damn sight more moral than teaching them how to get, and be, and stay, crazy.

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