It’s not so much an opinion, as it is a realization that the right of the Supreme Court to…
Ahsim Nreiziev

If it’s power too were to vanish, Democracy in the United States of America would truly be dead and the country would then be a Totalitarian Regime, if not in name then most definitely in practice.

You speak first here of the absolute powers of nine people elected by no one, and then of “democracy.” In the same sentence, as if the mere existence of a Supreme Court, left alone to function as what amounts to a Central Committee, somehow upholds democracy. I can’t think how much more preposterous a view on what democracy even is or is capable of, anyone might be able to come up with.

What you seem to have entirely overlooked, is how the “estates” of executive, legislative, judiciary and press were designed in the first place to provide checks and balances on each others’ power. It makes no sense at all to first say that an executive branch has too much power, and the legislatures and the press have the wrong kind directed by the wrong influences, and then just sort of by process of elimination basically declare that absolute power in a nine-justice panel would somehow provide the last best hope for your notion of “democracy.”

I expect that viewpoint on your part would hold up precisely as long as those nine unelected people, are doing what you want them to do. As soon as they aren’t, I expect you’d be right back out in the socialsphere denouncing “judicial activism” because your absolutely undemocratic Nine, while holding the One Ring to Rule Them All, didn’t do what you wanted it to.

No person or faction or branch of government given absolute power, EVER does what those who stood by and handed it to them, wanted it to.

The other commenter Jon D Thornton is precisely correct: that “democracy” rests solely in the hands of the people. In our form of governance, which is as a republic and hardly any democracy in its everyday workings at all, the one democratic prerogative the people have, is to vote factions arriving too close to absolute rule, right out of power. This has been done in landslide, multi-election fashion to both major parties again and again, and it is the one function of democracy which has prevented such totalitarianism all along. This time, the Democrats got way too big for their britches, and forgot who put them there. When they got fired en masse back in November, the message was “you’re fired.” Not white nationalism nor whatever other ridiculous non-issue one might want to blame, defeated the Democrats in their hundreds. The voters did. That is democracy.

What part of what nine tottering old legal philosophers do all day, has even the remotest connection to “democracy”, with no other checks and balances in place on those powers?

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