We are proud to announce that Framework Labs, a fintech studio focused on the rapidly emerging Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry, is now operating our own Chainlink node live on mainnet. As a Chainlink node, we will be supplying data to Chainlink’s large collection of Price Reference Data Feeds, which collectively secure over $4B for leading DeFi applications, including many in our portfolio such as Aave, Synthetix, YFI, and more. Additionally, we will be providing data to Chainlink’s recently announced Proof of Reserve data feeds, giving smart contracts up-to-date collateralization data on the $1.5B …



  • Overcome the bootstrapping problem of USDX liquidity by incentivizing the creation of 10M+ USDX backed by 30M+ USD of collateral assets.


  • Modify the KAVA inflation curve so that additional KAVA is created and used for growth incentives.
  • Asset holders will be incentivized, in protocol, on the amount of USDX they mint and on how long their USDX is minted for.
  • To avoid large initial increases in circulating supply, additional KAVA will be locked for 52 weeks before becoming liquid.


Framework Ventures has backed KAVA with the goal of building a CDP platform and USD stablecoin to rival that…

Who we are:

  • Thesis-long investors in ChainLink
  • The fourth-largest holder of ChainLink tokens outside of the company and exchanges (at the time of this post and based on wallet holdings)
  • Tenured cryptocurrency investors with experience in investment banking, management consulting, and product development

What this is:

  • A primer on smart contracts and our general investment thesis
  • An overview of our investment thesis for ChainLink
  • Analysis of ChainLink’s addressable market, go-to-market strategy, and progress to date

What this isn’t:

  • Financial or investment advice

Investment Thesis and Smart Contracts 101

What is our investment thesis?

Our firm’s general investment thesis relies on three assumptions:

  • Financial institutions will realize competitive advantages as smart contract…

Framework Ventures

Our belief is that decentralized technologies and cryptoeconomics represents a reshuffling of the status quo, and we invest in the cryptocurrencies enabling it.

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