Framgia Says Hello to Mapúa

Framgia Philippines, February 19, 2016 14:30

Expansion had always been the riskiest decisions companies had to make in order to gain a step closer to what satisfies what they really aim for. Although some do and some don’t, it has been understood that there are far greater strategies to find greatness, but most of the time, if some of you had noticed, is not found in strategies, but found in people.

Framgia’s identification for the Career Expo

The Philippines has been quite known for the adaptability of their people especially in terms of language, specifically, their proficiency in English and the focus they manifest in the articulation of their profession and skill. This had aroused the interest of Japan, but what took them in the idea the most is the small and more indigenous qualities of the Filipino people which means more to us than skill or technical knowledge, because these small things together is what builds passion and its essence will spread farther in not just one country, nor 5, but transcends into the measurement of time.

Framgia Job Fair Team: From the left, Jan Miranda, Nico Espinosa, Ronald Magcalas, Coy Ortenero. (Grace Sojor taking the photo)

We’ve proven that our faith was never misplaced when we’ve experienced first-hand the students from Mapua Institute of Technology Intramuros in their career expo which took place in February 16, 2016. There were over 370 graduates for the term-being, and none of them met less from the standards the companies were expecting of them, or at least, us. We discreetly tested their communication skills in English by conversing with them in the language and pretty much, as it is, spoke as professionals, treating the opportunities at hand as a platform to finally apply everything they’ve learned which is everything they kept from the world until their graduation. Although there were hints of shyness, they never yielded and capitalized as soon as they got the chance. They were able to explain their profession, and on-the-spot what they can do for the companies and believe us, we’ve never felt more inspired than seeing students knowing what themselves well enough to create realistic expectations for the group they want to contribute to. Professional, realistic, and direct. No time wasted, left no room for disappointment and uncertain terms, and only opportunities gained.

As a company, nothing feels better than creating and administering change through the goals we set. But what we get from our work, seeing people with great understanding of the world, we have never felt more reassured in our choices. And our choice here is the people, in which we believe is our greatest decision.

Event rundown:

9:00 AM — Preparation & Arrival

10:30 AM — Inquiries were allowed. By this time a good amount of students were already gauging their opportunities. They had a rich amount and quality of companies to choose from.

Mr. Kazunari Fujimoto introducing Framgia to the graduates of Mapúa for the 3rd term AY 15'-16'

11:00 AM — Our CEO, Mr. Kazunari Fujimoto, took the stage as Framgia’s turn to obtain a grip of the Mapuans and the Alumnus.

11:10 AM — Students filled up the booth and our team orients the applicants until the end of the event.