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Why a chiropractor can help you with more than a sore back

When you start to look through the Grayslake chiropractor listings, you see that many are talking about helping you with a lot more than a sore back. The discipline of chiropractic medicine is still relatively new and science is just now beginning to understand why it may be so important in recovering and maintaining your health. Here is an overview of the conditions that a chiropractor can help you with.

Spinal issues

The big one is the spinal issues you may be suffering from. In each of the Grayslake chiropractor offices you will find spine models and a lot of educational material on what a healthy spine should look like. The spine is the center of your core. As you probably know, the strength and stability of your core impacts everything you do. There are many reasons people may suffer from spinal misalignment such as injury from an accident, disease or even just aging. The act of holding your body upright can cause the discs to compress. Add in some poor ankle, knee or hip alignment and the spine can begin to bear the brunt of the weight of the body in ways it wasn’t designed to do. Your chiropractor can help you to relieve the stress on your spine to allow the muscles around it to regain their strength so that is can hold a healthy alignment.

Nerve issues

Whether your nerve issues stem from diabetes, neuropathy, fibromyalgia to name a few — or if they were caused by an accident, seeing a Grayslake chiropractor can be the first step on the road for relief from your pain. Chiropractors work primarily with the spine, which just so happens to be the housing for the spinal cord — that’s your nerve highway. The different bends and turns and pressures of your posture can influence how well your nerves act, and how much they may misbehave. By identifying the nerve pain, your doctor can help to realign your body to relieve the pressure.

Muscle issues — this surprises most people

When you think of a Grayslake chiropractor you imagine them concerned with all things bone — but they also deal with muscle health as well. Think about it, the spine and all your other bones are what your muscles are attached to in your body. Making sure that your muscles, tendons and ligaments are healthy can help your body to regain its proper placement. Muscles, tendons and ligaments can be affected by many different things including disease, injury and chronic disorders.

Treatment is virtually painless

The best part about chiropractic treatment is that it is virtually pain free. Once you and your doctor have agreed upon a course of treatment it is broken down into small sessions so your body is never overtaxed. This isn’t painful hours of physical therapy, but short sessions using manual manipulation, electric stimulation, heat and ice therapies and other passive treatment therapies. Your Grayslake chiropractor may also suggest a variety of supports, cushions and topical treatments to help relieve your suffering.

Non-invasive and no prescription drugs

One reason so many people prefer treatment with a chiropractor is that the emphasis is on natural healing, not pharmaceutical or invasive treatments. The health of the body is essential to healing and chiropractors take a different view of many chronic conditions than most medical professionals. They understand the role that circulation and flexibility plays in maintaining health and wellness. This is why treatment can be effective for conditions that have little to do with the spine too. The better your body can mechanically function, the more well-being you will experience.

Getting started is easy

Finding a Grayslake chiropractor is easy. Once you know they are certified and have a good reputation in the community you can make your first appointment. The first appointment is usually the longest. X-rays and a physical examination may be needed. Then you will listen to the suggestions for treatment that your doctor makes and decide on a course of action. Adding in a chiropractor to your list of medical professionals can be the missing part of the puzzle to regain your health and wellness

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