A bloody buzzing in my ears.

No memories.

All I can see is a dirty and dark alley.

I am on the floor and try to get up, when I get slapped and knocked out.

Awake again, but with a terrible pain on my chin. Who did knock me out?

I try to get up again and get slapped again on the chest… by my own tail! What is that? I keep trying to get up but now a lot more confused with everything and start stumbling on my own legs and… tail.

Suddenly I feel an electrical discharge all over my body and get awake only enough to hear a harsh voice mumbling something on a language that I have never heard on my whole life. Anyway I had not a single memory of my life anyway apart from that alley.

A bright light is all I can see now. A lot of beeps and buzzing sounds coming from every point. No movement is possible as apparently I cannot feel any part of my body. And then the same harsh voice: — Calm down Zed. This is temporary.

Who is Zed? Am I Zed? Why I can understand the voice now?

I try to say something but cannot tell my mouth from my toe and each effort is just pointless, until I see the brightest flash I have ever seen and a wave of pain, and cold, and heat, and smells, and tastes and all sorts of senses at once all over the body that now I could feel like had always been mine. And then silence, relief and a black out.

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