Casey Neistat Quit Daily Vlogging: Choosing Challenge Over Comfort

It’s about progress, not arriving and staying.

Famous YouTuber and filmmakerCasey Neistat announced that he is ending his vlog — on his latest episode, without warning. He called the vlog an “experiment” that’s not working — but didn’t leave with that.

Casey reminded us that it’s about challenging yourself creativity, every single day. But after 600+ daily vlogs, he realized that he can’t reach for what’s next, if he holds on to this.

A career is always about progress. It’s never about arriving someplace and staying there.

“What am I making out of my career? Do I want to be making vlogs when I’m 40 years old? The answer’s no.”

After over a billion views, Casey is leaving while his YouTube channel is still growing (huge record growth in subscribers recently, but it is not enough of a reason to not embrace something new.

“The success of this vlog has not satiated my appetite, it has only made me hungrier.”

Although many of us viewers may not notice, Casey became complacent, and felt he was not challenging himself.

He is not quitting YouTube, he won’t stop uploading regularly, but he wants to create things longer than just one day to produce. And that’s exciting, having seen hundreds of his daily vlogs which are already innovative.

Instead of switching to 2–3 days a week instead of 7, Casey noted that the only way to truly move on, is just to drop the mic.

“I have to kill this, before I can give birth to what’s next.”

With each success comes a bigger, more ambitious goal. And Casey is choosing to act on that now!