Running up the road through the Rocky Mountains.

Explore your own country before booking an all-inclusive resort

When we told people we were taking a road-trip across Western Canada, many asked “why?” as if it was an odd idea or “for what?” as if expecting some type of mandatory business obligation. But that was not the case.

After spending most of our days stationary at a desk or in constant meetings within a short radius of Toronto’s downtown core for months at a time, it makes sense to get out and explore the vast country that we have available.

We documented some of this in our weekly vlog for Now Creative Group:

The vlog only documents certain moments and of course includes the 2 clients we did visit along the way. We stayed in Banff National Park and camped in Jasper National Park (for 2 nights of frigid cold).

For the hiking and camping, I was definitely out of my element — but it can be worth it to disconnect and challenge yourself!

For years I’ve always mentioned the negatives of all-inclusive resorts that are beautiful but happen to take place in developing countries, take advantage of the very poor populations and rarely support the local economy. That initial trip to Dominican Republic where I saw what takes place outside of the resorts is what prompted me to start ACCESS innovation in the first place 10 years ago! Just another reason to stay and checkout your own country, where there is so much space and nature just waiting.

Here are few more photos, just a preview of what Canada has to offer.

The trip was a great “break” from everyday city life, I’m glad to have seen this part of Canada (and will always visit Vancouver, for both work and the great lifestyle), but I’m happy to be back in Toronto focused on building.

As some added incentive for you, next year, Parks Canada is offering free admission as 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. “Take advantage of free admission to national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for the entire year.”