Get Used to Making Mistakes

Mistakes are a big part of the learning process for anyone who’s starting their own thing or creating something new — business or otherwise.

As an entrepreneur, you learn from experience as you go. The CEO of GE learned that mistakes can often be as good a teacher as success itself.

From pricing too low, to not clearly managing client expectations, there are dozens that I can think of in my current business, non-profit organization, and starting off as a freelance designer.

“Show me a person who never made a mistake, and I will show you a person who never did anything.” — William Rosenberg, Dunkin’ Donuts Founder

Fellow entrepreneur Daniel Lewis and I had a discussion about some of the mistakes we’ve made along the way in our businesses, and give a few tips on how to avoid making them yourself, all captured right here in the latest episode of The Daniel & Daniel Show.

“Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune” — Jim Rohn

Keep making mistakes and learning along the way — just like the famous Virgin Group founder is still doing today:

“I see life almost like one long University education that I never had — everyday I’m learning something new.” — Richard Branson