How important is location to business success?

Location, location, location.

Between online stores and e-commerce platforms, storefronts and retail locations, public markets and coworking spaces, there are a ton of places to exist when launching a venture.

In the last few years, businesses have transitioned from retail to online-only, while other startups began as online-only and have expanded to retail!

While Now Creative Group started remotely and in cafe’s and transitioned into co-working spaces, T by Daniel started selling tea online and has opened up a physical storefront in Brampton.

But which city do you chose to open up shop? What size office is reasonable? How do you know when you’re ready? How will people find your business? The questions are endless.

Where to Locate Your Business

On our latest episode of The Daniel & Daniel Show, we explore a few of the options available while relating to our own stories. Have a look at the episode below, now live on our YouTube channel.