Late night clarity in the city

Home of an inspired entrepreneur

After a long day at the studio and before heading to a cafe for some late-night business building work, I took in the city and realized how lucky I am to be living here — when it’s late and quiet, it feels like the whole city is at my fingertips.

Sometimes I find myself stuck in a routine of walking down the same street to the same studio, but I remind myself that I can work anywhere at anytime and felt really empowered tonight to complete 2 big tasks on my list: Finally going through our sales database for Now Creative Group and writing a long 10th anniversary reflection for ACCESS innovation to be posted here soon.

It’s a busy life and the days are full of client meetings and work but when I get to dive in and work ON the business instead of just IN the business, and look at the bigger picture and impact of our organizations, I’m empowered and re-inspired for the days ahead.

Sleep? Soon.