Using Lean Startup Methodology for Social Enterprise

Creating social value while staying sustainable

Who’s got a bunch of time and money to waste? ACCESS innovation and Incubate Insitute are asking the question in a different way:

Is “winging it” an ok plan for your organization?

Is your mantra “life is a journey”? Are you planning to “See how it goes”?

Whether you are starting a business, a social enterprise or a nonprofit, your best chance of success comes from lean planning to eliminate errors and costly wasted time.

A Workshop on Lean Startup Methodology for Social Enterprise

A business analyst from the Research, Innovation and Commercialization Centre (RIC) will be facilitating.

At the session, we will walk you through a visual Business Model Canvas — a template and tool that allows entrepreneurs to take an idea to action through hands-on brainstorming of 9 essential building blocks.

The goal of the workshop is to teach you how to:

  • Generate social value and stay sustainable
  • Learn early from your mistakes and apply the lessons immediately
  • Identify the key element or elements you need before proceeding blindly
  • Start small, run efficiently, being nimble able to quickly adapt to changes

You can get tickets for the March 22 session in Mississauga here
(It’s not free, but it supports this local non-profit, and should be really valuable)!

Register for the Workshop