Have You Seen These Hidden Treasures Of New York?

New York is one of the hottest destination for travel worldwide. According to a 2016 New York Times article, which quoted tourism marketing agency NYC and Company, the city is expected to see approximately 59.7 million visitors through the year! Whether you’ve been to the city or are planning your very first visit, you must have heard of the popular tourist spots, such as Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway and the Empire State Building.

But the city has a lot more to offer than these touristy places. Here’s a look at some offbeat things to do while in Big Apple.

Unusual Places You Must Visit

Old City Hall Station: This was the first subway station built in the 1904, but due to the larger and more central Brooklyn station, it lost its traffic over time and was finally shut down in 1945. But due to the curved structure of its tracks and the station design, oak furnishing, white terracotta décor, no pillars and beautiful electric chandelier, it was granted an interior landmark status in 1979. To witness the old charm of this station, Business Insider says that you need to book a visit with the New York Transit Museum well in advance. Some say presidents are secretly transported through this subway.

Green Wood Cemetery: Although cemeteries are not on top of the travel wish list of most people, this one is special to New York. The park of this cemetery inspired the creation and design of the famous Central Park. This is a revolutionary war site, founded in 1838, and a classic example of the rural cemetery movement with beautiful features such as glacial ponds, valleys, small hills and 19th and 20th century mausoleums. Buried here are the rich and famous, including William Colgate, Charles Pfizer, William “boss” Tweed and more.

High Line: Previously an ‘off the ground’ train freight system, this is now a 1.45 mile elevated park in the middle of Manhattan. Visitors can take a hike among the beautiful flora and witness public art or simply relax on the park benches and feast their eyes on the stunning architecture of the city. This is an unusual nature spot in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Boutique Hotels: While on a personal or a business trip to New York, skip the large chain hotels and try a boutique hotel. Located in heart of the city, these hotels boast cozier rooms, occupancy capacity not exceeding 100 rooms, and have special personalized services unlike the run of the mill hotels. They also offer unique dining experiences, such as a penthouse level bar and lounge, with a view of the Midtown and Chrysler building, say the experts at Kimberley Hotel.

Obscura, Antiques and Oddities: If you have a taste for odd stuff or love to look or collect wacky collectibles like medical antiques, Victorian mourning jewelry, collection of pinned insects, interesting taxidermy and all things odd, this store is the perfect destination to satiate your hunger to see and collect odd things. The owners are knowledgeable and you will surely have an interesting time here!

Roosevelt Island: This island on the East River was earlier a place lined with mental institutions and prisons. It was generally considered to be an area to constrain the mentally ill and the criminally inclined! Now, it has residential complexes. But you can take an aerial tram ride to witness the stunning views of the city.

Never tried these places before? Skip the common tourist locations and try these unique locations to see the other side of New York!

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