Front End Engineer

Work on tough challenges with an awesome team.

We’re looking for thoughtful engineers with an eye for quality to join our team and help grow Medium while keeping it beautiful, fast, and delightful.

What is the role?

At Medium, front-end engineers push the boundaries of what’s possible in web client applications. They are not constrained by the past, choosing to embrace new browser capabilities instead of laboring over elaborate fallback systems for browsers used by a tiny fraction of our users.

The primary responsibility of this role is simple: create the best possible user experience for features on desktop and mobile web. To do this, front-end engineers collaborate with designers to explore possibilities through visual and interactive mocks and then translate them into production code and markup.

We’re looking for engineers that do product-driven, application level engineering. One of our front-end engineers, Daryl Koopersmith (more commonly known as @Koop), explains,

“I don’t just code HTML and CSS and link things together. That’s not what we do here. The problems we’re solving are difficult and we’re trying to solve them well.”
Koop working in Medium’s cafe

What skills do you need?

Medium’s front-end is structured as a single page application which is written using Closure, LESS and other technologies, so you should be strong in these areas (or something comparable). You’ll collaborate with your team via git using feature branches in a continuous deployment environment. Your code will be reviewed by your peers and you will be expected to provide meaningful code review feedback to others.

What kind of people are hired in this role?

We want engineers who think systematically, implement quickly, and innovate eagerly; passionate people who want to build things.

You’ll be working with and supported by a world-class team of designers and engineers. Your teammates on the front-end will include authors and strong contributors of Bootstrap, JSHint, Closure Library/Compiler, and WordPress.

Join us in shaping the future of publishing.