Note: This post was written as part of our efforts on finding a new versioning schema for BadgerDB and heavily inspired by Manish Jain’s post on this Discuss thread.

Semantic Versioning, commonly known as SemVer, is a great idea that has been very widely adopted as a way to decide…

justforfunc is expanding!

Many of you have noticed how justforfunc has had no new episodes for a while now. Some have asked about what the future holds for the channel, and I’m here to answer today.

The biggest problem with justforfunc, since its inception, has been the time required to build good content…

I still get to enjoy the views from the Google office in SF, now as a visitor 😎

On November 1st 2017 I gave back my phone, laptop, and other fancy hardware back to TechStop (Google’s IT department), said good bye to very sad music (thanks Broady) to my many friends I was leaving at the office, and got on my way to SFO right on time for…

Note: a video version of this content is available at the bottom.

Git has become the de-facto standard for code versioning, but its popularity didn’t remove the complexity of performing deep analyses of the history and contents of source code repositories.

SQL, on the other hand, is a battle-tested language…

This blog post is the written form of my recent talk at GopherCon 2018: Machine Learning on Go Code, which you can now enjoy directly on YouTube Machine Learning on Go Code.

You can also follow the slides on SpeakerDeck.

Software is eating the world

I’m sure you’ve all heard the famous phrased…

This blog post is complementary to episode 28 of justforfunc which you can watch right below.

In the previous blog post I discussed two different ways of merging n channels in Go, but we did not discuss which ones was faster. …

Using goroutines and reflection

This blog post is complementary to episode 27 of justforfunc which you can watch right below.

justforfunc #27: two ways of merging N channels

Two weeks ago I explained how nil channels were useful for some important concurrency patterns, specifically when merging two channels. As a result, because this is…

What we write and how we write it

Originally posted on the source{d} guide.

Our company has been a big believer in Open Source from very early on. Most of our repositories are visible to anyone in the world. …

A practical example

This blog post is complementary to episode 26 of justforfunc which you can watch right below.

justforfunc #26: why are there nil channels in Go?

Everybody that has written some Go knows about channels. Most of us also know that the default value for channels is nil. …

I was just checking the stats on the justforfunc channel and … whoa over 4 years of watch time during 2017! That means there’s been four people continuously watching my videos for a whole year.

To those four incredibly dedicated fans, huge thanks and … are you OK?

Anyway, I…

Francesc Campoy

VP of Product at Dgraph 🏳️‍🌈 Catalan

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