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Francesc Campoy
Mar 2, 2019 · 3 min read

Many of you have noticed how justforfunc has had no new episodes for a while now. Some have asked about what the future holds for the channel, and I’m here to answer today.

The biggest problem with justforfunc, since its inception, has been the time required to build good content. It’s not only the recording but also planning, scripting (yes, I write scripts sometimes), and finally editing, publishing, and promoting. After adopting the role of VP of Product at source{d}, in addition to VP of DevRel, the delicate balance in between personal life, work hours, and personal projects went south.

I tried to decide how to balance my increasingly busy professional life with my personal goal: give back to the developer community by sharing what I’ve learned from some of the most talented people in the industry.

At first, it seemed impossible but then I started thinking about this from a slightly different perspective. I realized egocentrism had driven me to think justforfunc was about me. It’s not, justforfunc is about giving back to the community and helping those trying to learn.

This is why justforfunc is evolving into a community project. I’m going to build a community of hosts and editors with a shared passion for education and a shared mission of technical knowledge sharing in video form. I will still be sometimes on screen, but much more often behind it: mentoring hosts and ensuring consistency and content quality that meets everyone’s expectations and occasionally exceeds our wildest dreams too.

Do you want to join the justforfunc team?

I’m looking for:

  • 🎥🤩 hosts: You’ll need a camera and a decent microphone, I’ll provide mentoring to make sure the videos we release are stellar.
  • 🎞🧐editors: I’m not counting on hosts to be able to edit videos, so you’ll be the one getting the raw video contents and be responsible to make them look awesome … and add a touch of fun. Editing puns are part of the justforfunc brand, yes.
  • 🎯🙃 project managers: Bring your ideas to the table, help decide what topics should be covered, and help hosts and editors collaborate to release amazing content that the audience will love.

Would you like to contribute in a different way? Let me know how!

Let’s make it clear: this is not about 💰

I hate to say this but you’d be doing this mostly “for exposure” and to put in practice your passion for teaching. The Patreon account I set up provides enough money to pay for some hardware (lights, mics, etc) but it’s definitely far from being a decent salary.

I’m not saying justforfunc will never become an international brand of universal recognition, but it’s not guaranteed. If we ever end up making enough money, the team will get to decide what to do with it. I’m personally in favor of donating all of it to Go Bridge and Women Who Go but it’s something we’ll be decided once there’s any money to donate!

Do you still want to join the adventure?

Then go fill this form and I’ll be in touch with you soon: join.justforfunc.com!

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