Nitrogen Application

Local Farmer Applying In-Season Nitrogen

In-season nitrogen is important and requires a specific time of application. Timing is the most important aspect to consider when thinking about the application process. Some farmers may apply nitrogen in the fall or early spring but do they realize the risk? If the application is in this time frame, they may run into a substantial loss of nitrogen due to runoff or leaching during wet springs. Leaching refers to the loss of water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil, due to rain and irrigation.

The risk lies within an unplanned nitrogen application. Farmers should plan the timing so that the corn has a sufficient amount of nitrogen before it hits its rapid growth. This timing is usually between V8 (8 leaf) and R1 (silking) stages. Nitrogen application helps fuel kernel development and may pay off the best during wet years. Check out the scenario using the Project Zone Manager tool that AgSolver has provided, to find out more information.

AgSolver has created a scenario below to show the importance of nitrogen application.


Weather conditions and management practices can often create scenarios where in-season nitrogen application should be considered. It can be challenging to determine how an in-season nitrogen application, particularly an unplanned or variable rate application, will impact the business performance of an individual field.

When crop progress is delayed, nitrogen can help enhance the growth of the plant. In-season nitrogen application may bring the plant out of a stressful state and improve its yield. The additional costs for the in-season nitrogen application are significant, and it’s important to understand how the application decision will impact business performance.


This case study shows how to use the Profit Zone Manager™ tool to assess whether in-season nitrogen application will realize improved business performance. The case study field currently has not had an
 in-season nitrogen application. This case study is comparing the use of in-season nitrogen application to no application. Incorporating in-season nitrogen will require additional fertilizer and labor.


In this case study, the In-Season Nitrogen Application scenario resulted in a $32/ac higher profit than the scenario where the field did not receive an in season nitrogen application.

Adding an in-season nitrogen application allowed for more fertilizer to be applied to the soil for the crops up- take. This in turn enhanced the chances for a greater yield opportunity.

To see how you can assess the business performance of the in-season nitrogen application on your fields and in your operation, follow the case study steps on the next page.

Actual Production
In-Season Nitrogen Application

Steps to Assess the Business Performance of In-Season Nitrogen Application on Your Fields and in Your Operation

Step 1: Add Scenario
• Select the existing actual production scenario you want to compare
• Click the green + Add Scenario button
• Name the new scenario “In-Season Nitrogen Application”

Step 2: Select the New “In-Season Nitrogen
Application” Scenario

• Click the green + Add Zone button
• Select the Whole Field Zone tool
• Name the zone “In-Season Nitrogen Application” in the
pop-up window
• Increase Target Zone Yield to 5%
• Adjust Equipment slider to $75.8/acre
• Adjust Fertilizer slider to $112.40/acre
• Adjust Labor slider to $36.8/acre
• Click the green Save button

Step 3: Compare Performance Between Zones
• At the field level on the dashboard, click the gray Options button and select Compare Scenarios
• In the Field Scenarios Comparison window, select the Actual Production scenario on the left and the In-Season Nitrogen Application scenario on the right.
• Compare the field performance under these management
• The In-Season Nitrogen Application scenario shows a $32/acre higher profit than Actual Production scenario.

As shown in the Outcome section on the first page, this Case Study uses the Profit Zone Manager tool to develop different precision business planning scenarios that canhelp you increase profit and ROI in your operation

* Note: If you need help with creating an Enterprise and adding a Field, please refer to the PZM Instruction Manual at

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