Accessibility and gendered language at Clue

I’m in love with the fact that my favourite app out there is also trying to be inclusive, though I have to agree with the others who commented about the conclusion being disappointing. “Female” is sure gendered and exclusive (but I’m saying this as a cis woman anyway, those affected should have the last word).

I agree with you on “reproductive health” and think the compulsory link between sex life and reproduction must be eradicated.

I must say I like “cycle health”. As a person who doesn’t have one (birth control) I don’t think the category I belong to would suffer from an actual lack of representation, as it surely is for “female health”. As I see it, pre-menarche condition, pregnancy, birth control and menopause are nothing less than natural or artificial conditions where the cycle is suspended, or doesn’t happen anymore, or hasn’t started yet; they sure have something to do with it anyway (they’re its temporary or permanent absence). I personally wouldn’t feel excluded by Clue being called a “cycle health app” just because I don’t actually track a cycle, as long as I’m allowed to disable my fertile window and, in my specific case, the app is still useful to track the conditions in which my cycle remains suppressed (my ring insertion/removal day and time and my suspension bleeding) and other aspects of my sex life.

There sure are other opinions out there but I just don’t feel like those who don’t have an actual cycle are under the same attack as trans and non-binary folks. I’m more than happy to learn from someone who may think otherwhise, of course!

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