One thing about the internet and the subsequent development of internet products is the ease and convenience they create for the business professional’s daily life. Some internet software or SaaS, also have a way of making you look and feel like a superhero in areas that you really are just a novice.

One such software is Canva. I absolutely love Canva. I have no graphic design training, whatsoever but Canva allows me to make marketing campaign masterpieces with very simple navigation tools.

Canva is a design platform suited for entrepreneurs, small businesses and anyone who needs simple content created. It…

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” — George Bernard Shaw

My husband gave a talk at a hospitality college in Jamaica, the focus of which was on the topic of Building Brand YOU. The talk was to students leaving the college in a week looking for jobs and opportunities.

As a true marketer, he explained the four P’s and how they relate and should be developed to build your personal brand.

Product, Price (Value), Placement and Promotion.

During his talk, I was looking for him to go a bit deeper into Product and what should be done…

If Content is King and Strategy is Queen (borrowed from my friend), then the Customer is the Center of the Board. At the heart of every brand is the customer, who if you are successful in reaching, engaging and retaining, will place you in control of the game. I am no chess player but this analogy places emphasis on the importance of the customer in building and maintaining one’s brand.

Customer Success is the new buzzword. This philosophy originated from SaaS businesses that sought to find a better way to reduce churn for their services. The idea is that by…

One of the things I love about most startups in North America and Europe compared to Jamaica is their recruitment brain and strategy. One of the biggest distinctions is that they recruit like marketers, more specifically digital marketers. They attract, engage, close and retain new prospects, employee prospects. They put actual stock into the process by developing content around the company and why it’s awesome to work there and why they want you. This I think, sets the stage for the kind of experience you will have working with their company and possibly a taste of Employee Success.

One of…

With AI hitting the scene, here are some AI-proof skills to focus on so you don’t get left behind

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

In the next five to seven years, a lot of digital tasks currently performed by marketers will be done by Artificial Intelligence or Cobots (Digital Assistants). Currently, we already have AI tools that perform tasks along the RACE framework (Reach, Act, Convert & Engage) created by Smart Insights. Some tasks include personalized content creation, programmatic media buying, propensity modelling, predictive analytics, ad targeting, dynamic pricing, and chatbots (but you know all this already).

Don’t worry, although AI seems to be taking over, there are still many things it just can’t do. In fact, the AI that is currently in use…

“A quotation at the right moment is like bread in a famine.”- The Talmud

I like opening and closing with quotes, I think they have a unique way of capturing the essence of a ‘thing” in just a few words. And that’s really what writing good copy is about.

As a creative professional and entrepreneur, working in the corporate world of communications, I have experienced how good copy can be the difference between “aha moments”, and that squinty face expression we make when we don’t get something and it starts to give us a headache.

I am proud to say…

Francesca McDavid

Creative Entrepreneur | Remote Working | Mom | Wife | Trainer in Consumer Psychology | 100% Jamaican

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